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Building a high-performing workforce isn't a single step, it's a journey. At HST, we understand that your talent needs are interconnected, and we offer a comprehensive suite of integrated services designed to seamlessly guide you through every stage of that journey.

We believe in a holistic approach to talent management, where recruitment, learning, and talent strategy work hand-in-hand to achieve your unique business goals. We don't just fill positions, we build pipelines of the right talent. We don't just train, we develop adaptable, future-proof employees. We don't just create strategies, we translate them into tangible results.

Your Talent Journey Partner

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Our expert recruiters leverage deep industry knowledge to attract and acquire top talent aligned with your strategic vision

Learning Solutions

We design and deliver customized learning programs that bridge skill gaps and empower your workforce to excel.

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Talent Strategy

Our strategic consultants collaborate with you to build a roadmap for talent acquisition, development, and retention, ensuring your workforce remains competitive.

Talent Management Insights

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The Game plan

Why do Consultancy Reports Often End Up on the Shelf tesyt ?

In Ethiopia, consultancy reports often gather dust instead of driving change due to unsuitable foreign models, inadequate infrastructure, and limited client capacity, impeding impactful recommendations.

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The Game plan

Knowledge Management, Unleashing Organizational Potential

Knowledge Management is vital for businesses, guiding them to success by efficiently capturing, sharing, and applying collective knowledge, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and adaptability.

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Talent Board

Academia and Industry: Bridging the Gap for a Sustainable Workforce

Navigating Ethiopia's capital gains tax entails grasping diverse rates for assets. Employing a tailored formula, accounting for inflation and depreciation, determines tax obligations.

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Zekrie Negatu

Managing Director, Consulting and Learning Solutions

Endalkachew Damte

Director, Human Capital

Gobeze Dessalegn

Director, Learning Solutions

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HST works with clients to solve business growth, operational, people, financial, tax, governance, risk, learning and compliance challenges with locally relevant solutions.

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