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Strategy & Organizational Design

Visioneering Your Future

Navigate the future with confidence. Our combined strategy and organization design services empower you to define your path to success (strategy) and build a strong foundation to achieve it (organization design). We offer expertise in crafting winning strategies, optimizing operations, and transforming your organization to support your long-term goals.

Our Propositions

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Craft winning strategies, optimize operations, and empower your team to achieve long-term goals.

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Organizational Design

Build efficient structures, attract top talent, and establish fair compensation for a strong organizational foundation.

Strategy & Organization Design Insights

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The Game plan

Improving Strategy Management Practices in Ethiopia

Ethiopian businesses often struggle to balance short-term needs with long-term goals. This can lead to a focus on short-term gains at the expense of sustainability.

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The Game plan

Nurturing Family Businesses Building Ethical Foundations for Long-term Success

Family businesses, crucial for economies, need strong ethical practices to thrive. While laws aren’t enough, ethical conduct ensures societal well-being and family harmony, attracting talent and capital.

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The Game plan

Why do Consultancy Reports Often End Up on the Shelf tesyt ?

In Ethiopia, consultancy reports often gather dust instead of driving change due to unsuitable foreign models, inadequate infrastructure, and limited client capacity, impeding impactful recommendations.

Our Experts

Getachew Zewdie

Executive Director, Strategy and Organizational Design

Solomon Gizaw

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Zekrie Negatu

Managing Director, Consulting and Learning Solutions

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