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Secure your Business with Audits & Risk Management

Our services cover system and financial audits, focusing on security standards, internal controls, and compliance with accounting regulations. We also specialize in strengthening risk management and compliance, offering objective assessments and strategic guidance to develop robust programs.

Our Expertise

Statutory and Compliance Audit

This audit is legally required to ensure entities’ financial reports meet standards and regulations. It evaluates compliance with reporting standards and statutory regulations.

Financial Statement compilation

We provide financial statement compilations and enhance financial reporting quality by reviewing statements, fostering investor, analyst, and creditor confidence in the accuracy and compliance of company reports.

Review of Accounting System and Internal Control

We assess accounting systems and internal controls, ensuring compliant financial statements, adherence to policies, and fraud prevention.

IFRS/IPSAS conversion and training

Transitioning to IFRS/IPSAS reporting framework, processes, and reporting requirements. We offer practical training on IFRS and IPSAS to enhance clients' capacities in accounting and reporting.

Accounting systems audit

Our system audits verify security standards compliance, ensuring automated internal controls function properly, and mitigating business risks. Financial systems audits assess compliance with accounting standards and internal control guidelines both automated and manual.

Risk and Governance

We enhance company risk management and compliance through industry standards. Our team navigates compliance requirements, assesses risk posture, and develops strategic risk management programs.

Audit and Assurance Insights

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Finance Digest

Ethiopia’s Rules on Transfer Pricing

In a recent discussion made between The Ministry of Revenue and stakeholders, the issue of transfer pricing was brought up to create more awareness on the rules and their applicability. This session has clearly indicated that more focus is needed on transfer pricing, arm’s length principles and taxpayers’ role in this respect.

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Finance Digest

Understanding Capital Gain in Ethiopia’s Evolving Tax Scene

Navigating Ethiopia's capital gains tax entails grasping diverse rates for assets. Employing a tailored formula, accounting for inflation and depreciation, determines tax obligations.

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Finance Digest

IFRS 16 (Leases) in Ethiopia: Tracking Challenges, Embracing Opportunities

IFRS 16 adoption in Ethiopia provides transparency and financing benefits. Yet, limited awareness, data gaps, and technical expertise pose challenges to effective implementation.

Our Experts

Tekeste Gebru

Managing Partner, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services

Yonas Harun

Partner, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services

Solomon Melaku

Partner, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services

Thomas Mulugeta

Partner, Audit and Quality and Risk Management Leader

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