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CFO Forum Ethiopia 2022

CFO Forum Ethiopia 2022

CFO Forum 2022 provided a crucial platform for stakeholders to convene and address the pertinent challenges encountered since the adoption of IFRS in the country. With the theme “Ethiopia’s IFRS Implementation: The Journey to Date and the Way Forward,” the forum served as a stage for collaborative discourse, aimed at not only reflecting on past experiences but also charting a better path forward toward enhanced financial reporting practices.

The forum featured discussions addressing the pervasive challenges surrounding IFRS implementation in Ethiopia. It highlighted the outcomes of a comprehensive survey conducted on specific IFRS-related topics including, among others:

Difficult and impractical standards from the Ethiopian context

Practical & important standards requiring special emphasis/ attention.

IFRS implementation roadblock in Ethiopia particularly related with property & actuarial valuation and shortage of experts & expertise

Regulatory issues about financial reporting, in general, and IFRS implementation, in particular.

An open panel discussion was also held on the forum, which provided a platform for interactive dialogue, with questions and comments from the floor addressed by presenters, panelists, and other participants.

The panel comprised esteemed representatives from diverse sectors, including the finance profession, government bodies such as the Ministry of Revenue and the Ministry of Finance, banks, professional associations like AABE and ACCA, as well as CFOs from large corporations. This inclusive panel facilitated dynamic exchanges and enriched perspectives of IFRS implementation challenges and potential solutions.

CFO Forum Ethiopia 2022 Survey

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